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What We Do

Interior Steel Stud Framing

Interior steel stud framing shapes the layout of your office, store or facility. With the experienced staff, there is no design too challenging for Winwood to take on. 

We complete:

-Steel Stud wall partitions

-Large and small drywall ceilings

-Barreled ceilings

-Floating ceilings & bulkheads

-Straight & curved bulkheads

-Partial height ponywalls 

-Interior load bearing walls and platforms

-Light cove details 


Exterior Steel Stud Framing

Winwood is no stranger to exterior steel stud framing. A little over half the projects completed over the 30 year career have had some kind of exterior framing. Winwood is up to date with the latest codes and requirements to have the framing done right. 

We complete:

-Load bearing walls

-Soffit framing


-Fascia framing 


Drywall finishing

Winwood prides themselves on their ability to leave a quality drywall finish for the next trade. Leaving no deficiencies is our goal and has been our focus over the 30 year career.

We complete:

-Level 1-5 drywall finishes

-Fire taping

-Corner bead applications straight & curved

-Textured ceilings

-Repairs and corrections to existing drywall


Acoustic Ceilings

Winwood specializes in the supply & install portion of T-Bar & specialty ceiling products. There is no acoustic ceiling too complicated for our team.  

We complete:

-Acoustic ceiling grid & tile

-Metal ceiling panels

-Wood ceilings

-Baffle installation

Serpentina 1.jpg

Comslab Metal Decking

For projects looking to minimize concrete and span decks longer, comslab metal decking is a great solution. Winwood has become a leading expert in projects utilizing this system. 

We complete:

-Load bearing walls



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